The Indiana Coalition for Public Education, Monroe County, (ICPE) empowers citizens to advocate for high quality public education for all of Indiana's children. They are a nonprofit, nonpartisan group of parents, teachers, and other members of our community. Our goals include keeping public dollars in public schools and informing the community about education policy affecting the classroom. ICPE gathers trends and information about legislation affecting public schools, and we work to promote informed public opinion by doing the following sponsoring "Community Conversations" on various topics to encourage engagement and awareness,  running a writing group, SPEAK, that meets regularly to write letters to newspapers as well as to our elected officials in order to speak out on the issues, sharing information on a Facebook page and to keep followers up-to-date on the many issues facing public education, managing a booth at the Farmer's Market in Bloomington to facilitate conversations, encourage signing of our petitions and advertise upcoming events, and publishing a blog, which you can find here.​​​​​​​
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