You wouldn't believe me if I told you that I was a part of two dance companies - one being EIU Dancers seven years ago, and Indiana University's African American Dance Company ( IU AADC) four years ago. Those experiences not only helped lose some pounds but also get connections. I was recommended by one of the former company members of AADC to create a logo for the Greater Philadelphia Performing Arts LLC,’s Dance Company called En Axis Dance Alliance
This was one of those fun projects where I felt familiar with the subject matter. The logo reflected their athleticism, and the color palette presented their personality. I also wanted to pair  a whimsical typeface called Black Jack, with an organic humanist typeface called Avenir to help compliment the figure. I haven't seen their dance projects yet, but I plan to attend one of their performances.
Client: En Axis Dance Alliance Dance Co.    |    Creative Direction: Tiffany Prater & Chelsea' Wyllie​​​​​​​
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