Client: DanceLife Center     |    Creative Direction: Tiffany Prater
This does bring back some memories - not only was the DanceLife Center my first logo client, but this was also the place where I would take free dance classes and get inspired for my design work. When they took over the studio, previously named the Jacqueline Bennett dance center, they asked me to create a logo for them, and I had zero knowledge of typographic logos. I ended up creating the dancing figure and allowed them to use it however they wanted (bad move). Nine years later, the client asked me to recreate their existing logo to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.
Above: Original logo. The owners and I wanted a fresh new look while paying homage to their old identity. For their new logo, I opted for Avenir Black typeface to pair with the new figure that I created, and I kept the black and red colors as a part of their new branding guidelines. 
Did I mention that my logo makes a great sign? During the pandemic, the studio had to comply with CDC regulations and make sure students practiced social distancing. Their students and families were impressed with their consistency that they gifted these lucky studio owners this amazing studio sign!