How can a campaign be designed to promote the twin studies research, in the context of a twin convention? 
TWINGENUITY is a campaign I designed to promote twin studies and research. My goal was to disseminate information about the twin studies and how twins and non-twins can benefit in the research - it would aid researchers in looking for cures for cancer, and understand causes of autism and other mental disorders. This project was intended to be showcased in a twin convention.  To achieve my goal, I interviewed a group of students who participated in the studies - I wanted to get to know about their insights about the research. Based on my research, obtaining information was crucial. For my show, I've created a slipcase each containing a box that will each have an informative brochure, a game poster, a sticker and a micro game. The posters are summarized from the booklet, and stickers are handed out to the spectators. The micro game is a memory game that resembles what my twin sister and I played when we both were test subjects for a twin study research at the University of Chicago. This project inspired me to collaborate with more non-profit organizations and eventually develop a passion for typographic studies including large customized hand-lettering and designing typefaces. 
"Graphic Designer, Tiffany Joy Ignalaga, is of a Filipino descent and was raised in Bahrain. This cultural diversity and identity infuses her work that is largely research based... such a center would focus on separation anxiety as wells as diseases ad anxiety disorders. A twin herself, (Ignalaga's) research is buoyed by personal experience and her close relationship with her sister." Katie Geha, Director of Dodd Galleries at the Lamar Dodd School of Arts, University of Georgia, Athens, GA.
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